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Driving innovation through the semantic extraction of patent content
Maximize the impact of your R&D investments

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How to optimize your innovation strategy

Denis Cavallucci, professor at INSA Strasbourg and team leader of CSIP (ICube – UMR 7357) has developed a method allowing to position the IP portfolio of a company versus its competition. This method is based on the Inventive Design Methodology, a more applied version of TRIZ methodology. Improved with a novel approach based on Artificial Intelligence developed during the thesis of Achille Souili, this has given birth to a software creating a diagram clearly displaying the competitive position of the patents of a company compared to its competitors. The approach also gives the key factors (market data among others) to develop in order to improve its position or to win over competition through key R&D challenge highlighting. This software allows a company to improve the impact of its research and development investments. Pixseb has been funded by Conectus since 2016 for 200’000€




From a local or remote patent database, select the patents you want to analyse.



Perform a semantic extract & piloted analysis

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Generate the SUN Diagram® to visualize your competitors bottlenecks and drive your innovation challenges

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Work with others. Export the complete report. Print The SUN Diagram® in poster. It's planned !

About the Pixseb Team

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    Carolina DIAZ
    IT project Manager
    INSA Strasbourg
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    Scientific supervisor
    Professor in Engineering of Innovation
    INSA Strasbourg
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    Achille SOUILI
    Head of Machine Learning & NLP
    INSA Strasbourg
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